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How and When to Treat Other Ticks

Controlling bush and paralysis ticks is difficult because:

  • They are a multi-host tick and only on cattle for about 1 week at a time.
  • They can survive for up to 9 months on the ground without a host.
  • They can also infect native animals (i.e. reservoir hosts).
  • Current spray chemicals are short acting and are slow and labour intensive to apply.
  • Paralysis tick peak activity coincides with normal calving time.

Currently the only chemicals registered for controlling bush ticks and paralysis ticks are for sprays or dips. There is one ear tag product (Y-TEX PYthon tags) which can aid in the control of paralysis ticks. Actives registered for use against bush and paralysis ticks fall within the synthetic pyrethroid, organophosphate and amitraz chemical groups. Currently none of the available pour on cattle tick control products are registered for bush or paralysis tick control. Sprays may need to be used every 10 days to reduce tick numbers.

Disadvantages of using sprays and dips, include:

  • Slow and labour intensive to apply.
  • Large herds need special facilities such as spray races or dips.
  • Dipping is effective but the infrastructure is not available in many areas.
  • For sprays to work effectively, cattle must be saturated all over.
  • High workplace health and safety risks for operators due to physical and chemical handling.
  • Relatively short length of action of chemical actives.

Y-TEX PYthon ear tags are registered for aiding control of paralysis ticks and have a label claim of up to 42 days protection. They can be used in calves from 1 day old.

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